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welcome to the world of china ware

From the first gulp of coffee in the morning up to a romantic dinner in the evening - porcelain accompanies you by the day and, besides, is many-sided like your life itself. Four known brands Eschenbach, Winterling, Triptis and Freiberg on this web page present exactly this variety to you. Vividly or moulder, traditionally or elegantly - just porcelain to the life. Make a trip through the world of the nice pleasure and inspire yourselves by the different forms and decorations. So, for example, from our porcelain form of the month:

UniversoUniverso , the new range from the Eschenbach Porzellan Group, Germany, combines timeless aesthetics with versatile functionality. The individual dishes and  decorative elements are suitable for a variety of uses and can be combined in a multitude of ways. The elliptical plate and platter rims, the oval emphasis and the harmonious curves recall the facinating orbits of the planets and the wonder of the universe. Universo appears to have come straight from outher space.

new porcelain brand

cult from Henneberg porcelainThe work shop in Triptis extends its offers and has from now on also porcelain of the brand “Graf von Henneberg". You will find well-chosen articles from the running assortment, made in the sister's enterprise Ilmenau, in the reshaped factory store in a special area for an attractive price.